Imagine Customer & Suppliers on the Same Page

The P1ston Platform

OEMs have spent billions on ERPs and old school supplier portals, but take away spreadsheets and email, and their supply chains still break.

P1ston’s SaaS platform makes supply chain collaboration easy. Information is visible and accurate. Communications are streamlined. Operations are scalable and more efficient. Ultimately, lag goes down and decision quality goes up.

  • Communicate faster
  • Streamline sourcing efforts
  • Stay informed and in control
  • Lower costs
  • Enjoy fewer headaches

Buyer Benefits

Greater Visibility. Get instant access to the status of every line item of every order. Quickly identify what’s helping or hurting your business.

Better Communication. Receive timely PO acknowledgements without hounding suppliers. PO changes and buyer-supplier collaborations are date and time stamped.

Internal Team Collaboration. All roles across the business gain access to PO activity to eliminate “Where are my parts?” questions.

Supplier Benefits

One Platform, Many Customers. A single login allows access to all your participating customers. Say goodbye to clumsy proprietary portals

Automation & Integration. P1ston simplifies and accelerates supplier-customer workflows, including email-based access to the platform. Also, the platform integrates to customer ERPs, giving customer and supplies real-time visibility.

Information Sharing. To serve customers well, suppliers receive (RFQs, engineering drawings, solid models, data sheets) and send (material test report, deviation request, cert of conformance, etc.) electronic documents. Also, suppliers and customers frequently message each other. This all gets done via reply-all email chaos. P1ston offers file sharing and messaging in a single, shared, collaboration platform, on a line-item by line-item basis.

Enhanced PO Management

  • Interactive dashboard summarizing all open orders
  • Automated emails to suppliers requesting order updates
  • Issue tracking and alerts
  • Priority flagging of urgent orders
  • Optional integration to source data systems

Secure Access From Anywhere

  • Files and communications encrypted in transit and at rest
  • State of the art security powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Consistent experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Streamlined Supplier Updates

  • One-click promise date confirmation
  • Promise date changes captured with reason codes
  • Shipment comments and notifications
  • Easy order updates on the go using phone or tablet
  • No more spreadsheet headaches

Product Roadmap

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