If you’re preparing to launch your website, you’re looking to attract a loyal and interested audience. You’ve probably spent plenty of time creating attractive and interesting content, but what if your audience doesn’t even give your content a chance? What if they arrive at your site only to find that it looks amateur and boring? 

If you lose your audience the second they hit your homepage, it won’t matter how great your content is. While it may seem like your website’s design shouldn’t overrule your content, the simple fact is that your site’s appearance suggests to your users how you will deal with their business. If your site is flat and bland or, even worse, malfunctioning your traffic will suffer for it.

Want to know how to revamp your website to attract and keep an audience? Check out our 6 amazing website design tips!

1. Consider your users

Knowing your target market is your first crucial step in designing an appealing site. If you want to choose fitting colors, fonts and images, you should learn your users’ age group, gender and education level to help guide your decisions. 

Beyond that, you’ll benefit from knowing some psychological information like what motivates them and what other companies they’re attracted to and buy from.

2. Look into custom typography

Custom typography allows you to break away from standard, easily recognizable fonts. You can express a lot about your site’s personality through typefaces. Initially, consider whether to use the classic, traditional serif font types or the modern, contemporary sans serif fonts. 

Several commercial options will provide you with custom fonts. If you use Google Font API, it can even be done for free.

While it is an extra step, custom typography will help set your website apart and give an added dose of personality. 

3. Create a color palette

Start by choosing at least two main colors to use on your site that you feel will appeal the most to your carefully researched customer base. Two colors will be easiest for you to work with and will be easy for your customer base to recognize your brand. 

Consider what colors will appeal to your target market and what atmosphere you would like your website to have. Brighter, primary colors will give a youthful, playful vibe while pastel or dark colors can lend a gentler feeling or, alternately, a more serious and trusted feel.

Take inspiration researching other websites that you feel are similar to what you’re going for. Keep your eyes open to color combinations that appeal to you and what you see already working.

4. Use great imagery

Enticing images are the first thing that people will notice when they land on your website. Good visuals are a way to attract attention and set the tone for your website. They provide a good way to break up long blocks of text, which can seem daunting and uninspired on a webpage. Images are processed quickly by the brain and will get people interacting with your content faster.

5. Use visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the structure put into place on the website that will guide your user’s eye through the page. When people visit your page, consider what the first thing is that you want them to focus on, which will probably be the name of your website, followed by the headline of your post and then your imagery. 

From here, you should decide on the most important information you want your visitors to see.

Consider that the most important information should employ boldness, bright colors and size to its advantage, while the least important information should have significantly less “weight”. 

Also, don’t forget to utilize white space. White space is not just emptiness, it’s a visual break that allows the eye to focus more clearly on what you consider important. White space is a very important and incredibly underused design element that you should embrace.

6. Use a style guide

Now that you’ve built a gorgeous website, make sure it stays that way by creating a style guide. 

A style guide will note your official colors (and hex codes), your typefaces and your official artwork and logo. From here, add to it as you make more design decisions and add new pages.

Keeping all this information together will allow you to quickly build new web pages that are consistent in their delivery. Once you have a website people want to visit, keep it relevant and beautiful by delivering the same standard of care no matter what you post.

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